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Main Rancho, Finca Tres PalmasOsa Consultas S.A. is engaged in building residential to light commercial construction in all parts of Costa Rica . In our 12 years of building in Costa Rica we have built numerous projects. From small 1000sq ft residences to 6000 sq ft residences to our most recent a 15,000sq ft. 10 unit Cabina / Eco Lodge project. We provide all infrastructures from roads, water, solar and hydro-electric systems. Osa Consultas is owned and operated by Brad Shenko.

Brad started as a licensed sub-contractor in Cocoa Beach Florida in 1985. Building condominiums, single family homes and remodeling. Brad moved to Costa Rica in 1989 to help build a prestigious hotel here on the Osa Peninsula. After living on the beach in the tropics for 2 years, Brad never went back. Since then he has built a dozen homes, several restaurants and a hotel. All combined over 30,000 sq. ft. of living space. Brads most recent eco-lodge required transporting all materials in by barge to build on a desolate beach across the gulf. Many projects are built on the side of the mountains while others require crossing raging rivers. Feel free to browse through OC's photo gallery for some amazing Kodak moments.

Villa Familiar, Cabo Matapalo, Osa PeninsulaIt is true, that building a home in a foreign country can be very stressful. Osa Consultas believes in creating win win relationships with every customer. Communicating with you during every step of the way is Brad's mission. From the time you choose your site, Brad will obtain all permits, design your home, and provide you accurate cost analysis prior to construction. Building with the environment in mind is also important, whereas using ecological products such as concrete, steel, and wood grown from renewable resources are very important to Brad. He will advise you on all available products and services in order to better meet your needs. Once you have decided to get your project underway, the staff at Osa Consultas will work steadily and efficiently to meet all your needs and expectations. Feel free to browse through the site to get some ideas for your dream project or home and e-mail Brad if you have any questions.

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