Getting Your Project Started

  • Architectural / Engineering
  • Permits
  • Energy and Water Needs
  • Renewable Wood Sources
  • Insured / Written Warranty
Whether you are here in Costa Rica or abroad, Osa Consultas can help you determine the size of your project, type of construction systems and materials that are available to you. It can be quite overwhelming to think of everything required to get started, however the professionals at Osa Consultas can eliminate the hassles of getting started on your project.

Site Evaluation

Osa Consultas Office Osa Consultas will visit with you at your project site, discuss with you the benefits of home positioning, taking into consideration the sun, shade, direction of unpredictable weather and the challenges involved in placing your project on the site. Determining your best resources for water, energy and soil sampling if necessary are all part of OC services. OC's on-site architect and engineer will help you with both the creative aspects of your project as well as the structural needs and challenges.

Preliminary Design

After you have discussed your projects needs with the staff at Osa Consultas, Brad will provide you with a preliminary floor plan drawn up on Auto Cad for your review. These concepts will include floor plan and elevations of your home to help you visualize and understand your project better.

Cost Analysis

Material Stocking and StorageOnce you have discussed your preliminary plan, a cost analysis will also be provided to you so that you can begin to fit or expand your budget to meet the needs of your project. There are many options that may apply to your project and the staff at Osa Consultas will ensure that all of your questions are answered.

Consultation Fee

The entire process takes as little as two weeks. The cost of this service to you is $950 upon delivery of your preliminary set of plans and written cost analysis. All information, drawings and services are included with this consultation fee and are yours to take with you. In the event that you decide to contract with Osa Consultas, the fee will be credited towards the overall cost of plans which average from 2-4% of the construction cost.

Breaking Ground Once your construction plans and all permits are obtained, (this cost is not included in construction cost) we can start work . Your site work will usually take a few weeks depending on the size of your project. Brad makes sure each footer, column and corner of your project is reinforced with adequate re-bar and concrete. All plumbing and electrical is taken into consideration at this step and before you know it, you can begin to see your dream project emerge. Brad can help you choose ceramic tile, paint, cabinetry and decorative finishes for your project. One of the benefits of hiring Osa Consultas is to help prevent costly mistakes from happening. Brad usually only takes on a few projects per year so his attention and personal commitment to each project continues through to the end of the project. A small caretakers home can be built for as little as $20-$30 per floor square foot, whereas a large scale cabina, home or hotel with limited access can be as high as $75-$100 per floor square foot. Regardless of your budget, Brad and his staff of professionals at OC can help meet all of your budget and timing needs. OC office is equipped with all the latest technology, so, scans, faxes and digital photos can keep you informed and updated all along the way if you are not planning to be in Costa Rica the entire time.

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