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Your budget will generally determine the size and type of project you wish to construct. Working with OC's architect and engineer will help you understand your living needs better so that you design the perfect project. Three are very few rules associated to building in Southern Costa Rica and many of Brads customers enjoy open living areas. OC can help you add accents in your home that make any room a showcase.

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With the use of thin poured concrete counter tops and shelving systems, Brad can design you a maintenance free kitchen using concrete, colored finish coats and ceramic tile. In Costa Rica there is a wide selection of tile, appliances and cabinetry to create the kitchen of your dreams.

Custom Tile Work, Shenko ResidenceCustom Cabinetry, Tres PalmasBaths & Showers

When considering where to place the bathrooms on your project, OC will generally recommend that you take advantage of the natural privacy that already exists at your project site. Many of OC's customers enjoy open air showers and bathtubs that literally are outside in the jungle. Weather you want a conservative bathroom or the all out party jacuzzi room, you'll have a hard time getting anyone out of the bathroom once its finished.

Brad's number one rule is to have fun. Many areas in your project don't need walls, windows or doors for that matter. Depending on your individual needs and taste, OC can keep you protected and comfy in the evening and open air in the afternoon. The sky's the limit. OC's creative consultants can do just about anything you can dream up. So what are you waiting for, get started on your project and let's have some fun.

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