Wood versus Concrete Products

Renewable Types of Trees

  • Teac
  • Melina
  • Eucalyptus
  • Meriñon
  • Reseco

Example of Hardwoods

  • Mangillo
  • Chiricano
  • Tamarindo
  • Cedro Amarillo
There is a significant advantage to using concrete and environmentally friendly products. Costa Rica is one of the most bio diverse areas in the world and it is because of the trees and natural hardwoods that exist here. It is illegal to cut down hardwood trees without proper permits, however each year many trees fall due to natural causes there are a number of beautiful hardwoods that can be used on your project without contributing to deforestation. For example, Reseco trees have a life span of 50-100 years,once they die they can be cut to be used in your projects. Reseco is an excellent Pine like wood that is resistant to bugs and termites.

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Roof Design

There are many types of roof designs. Many of OC's completed projects utilize the standard truss system or laminated beams to span across large living areas, Polynesian style or a Palm Thatch / Rancho style roof system. Each roof system is unique and possess certain advantages as well as structural and aesthetic qualities.

Laminated Beams Rancho Style

Laminated Beams

Rancho Style

Osa Consultas recommends using concrete products on the lower floor of your project. When building in the tropics, you must realize that humidity, rain, sun ultra violet and bugs can cause significant maintenance requirements for you in the future. By utilizing an architectural blend of concrete, ceramic tile, glass block and wood you can reduce the overall maintenance of your home without sacrificing creative quality. Accenting some rooms in your home with hardwood doors, shelving, ceilings and floors will create an aesthetic quality of warmth to any room. OC's creative consultant can help you coordinate the products and colors or you ceramic tile, paint, fixtures and cabinetry. OC can also help you design and build your furniture, swimming pool, retainer walls, and just about anything else that you can dream up. Remember Brad's number 1 rule. Have Fun!

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